Thankfulness into Action

Thankfulness into Action is the theme for Island Crisis Care Society’s October campaign to raise funds to support local clients with a history of homelessness, trauma and brokenness in their lives. In the past our church has supported the Blue Bank campaign. 


Times have changed, of course, and having a physical box, or even a gathering together is not always possible.  Instead, donations may be made online: www.islandcrisiscaresociety.ca/join-us/events/blue-bank  


Autumn days are a time to pause and remember the blessings of home, family and well-being, and to be grateful.  Yet for some in our community, this season is not such a thankful time. Instead, it brings memories of pain, loneliness and isolation that may feel overwhelming.


During this season of Thanksgiving, let’s reach out to make a difference to those who have experienced the pain of not having a place to call home.


Submitted by the Witness and Mission Committee


Men’s Clothing Drive


Drop off used men’s winter clothing in the narthex or call for a pick up: 250-753-9483





Nanaimo Street Initiatives is starting up with its second annual warm clothing/bedding drive for the homeless in Nanaimo.  Last year was highly successful due to the wonderful generosity of many contributors.  There was much gratitude expressed by the homeless throughout the winter.  


Brechin UC through its Mission & Outreach Team supports this drive again this year and encourages your on-going support as well.  This year, 2021-2022, is expected to be an even heavier winter than 2021 due to La Niña so hopefully, people will continue to donate items such as parkas, hoodies, tents, raingear, sleeping bags, blankets, tuques, gloves, warm socks, boots, etc. 


If you have items to donate, we can arrange to have them picked up or you can drop them off again at the same place as last year (with Lynn Burrows).  Either way, you can phone Lynn (landline: 250 753-3942) to arrange for drop off or pick up.   


Thank you very much for your kind consideration. 


(Nanaimo Street Initiatives:  Dennis Lakusta & Lynn Burrows/Chair, Brechin UC Mission & Outreach Team)

ELCIC Scholarship Appeal

Supporting students at schools of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land.

As schools around the world are now into the second half of the 2020-21 academic year in very challenging circumstances, so too are the students at schools of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land (ELCJHL).


Earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic, the schools dealt with closures and lock down periods by embracing digital technology and distance learning. Sadly, the continued lock downs have impacted families served by the schools in many different ways. COVID-19 restrictions have meant further barricade closures and a significant loss of tourism for the region resulting in job loss and substantial reduction in income to household.


Many families are now facing significant difficulties with paying tuition for the 2020-21 school year, which is on average $1,600/year per student. 


Donate: https://secure.elcic.ca/



Thank you so much for continuing to support us through these uncertain times. 2020 has been quite a challenging year for many and Loaves & Fishes is no exception.


In the beginning of the Covid 19 crisis we saw a marked drop in food available. However, never ones to shrink from a challenge, we drastically increased our efforts to source food and support wherever we could find it.


Our journey began with tapping into food that was originally destined for restaurants that had closed. A couple of examples include a supply of 9,000 dozen eggs per week through Food Banks BC and BC Egg Farmers. We also tapped into the local fish farmers supply as they had thousands of farmed fish needing to be processed without enough buyers.


These innovative partnerships enabled us to continue our commitment for our Food 4 All program in providing an abundance of free food throughout Vancouver Island. Not only are we serving other food banks from Victoria through the North Island, we’re bringing 5,000- 7,000 pounds of food, alternating every Wednesday, for our Port Hardy Depot and then to Port McNeil, supplying free food to other non-profits and indigenous communities in the area. On our way, we drop food in Campbell River with Saint Vincent de Paul, enabling them to spread the food even further to Tahsis and Gold River.


We expanded our Empties 4 Food program to raise extra funds and provide a convenient, safe recycling disposal option. Additionally, we extended our annual Food 4 Summer Food Drive sponsored by Thrifty Foods and Island Savings through all of June and added a “virtual food drive” element to offset our increased costs.


For infection control reasons we made drastic changes to our daily operations and dropped the number of regular volunteers significantly in favour of paid workers who could take longer shifts.


We are providing an average of 138,343 pounds of food per month to households and 21,581 pounds per 8 month to other non-profits across the island. As always, the food that is unfit for humans is being given to farmers. Ultimately, throughout the pandemic, our overall goal remains the same. There should be an abundance of food available to all and no unnecessary food waste.


It is because of the help we receive from our community and caring people such as you all at Hope Lutheran Church that Loaves & Fishes Food Bank is not only still here, but growing our food distribution with the intention that all of Vancouver Island has access to reliable healthy food moving forward.


To donate through your offering, please mark Loaves and Fishes on the envelope.


To donate online: www.naniamoloavesandfishes.org