Spring Appeal-Support Children in Jordan


During Lent, the Witness and Mission Committee is promoting the Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) appeal to support schools in Jordan, also known as Hisham’s Story, Paper Shapes.  Jordan is home to 670,000 displaced Syrians, many of them children attending rundown schools; CLWR has set a goal of renovating 75 of them. Donations may be placed on the offering plate in envelopes marked Schools in Jordan.


Blanket and Quilt Drive

The Hands of Hope otherwise known as Hope Quilters want to help the local shelters by supplying used blankets and quilts.  We are going to go through our linen closets to find blankets and quilts that we don’t use anymore.  We ask you to do the same!  If you have any blankets and quilts and want to donate them to a worthy cause, please bring them to church and deposit them into a bin in the entry way.  We have supplied over 1000 quilts to Canadian Lutheran World Relief and want to continue to support them and their great need.  We also want to help the “local need” by supporting this project. Thank you for your continued support. 



Host Teams are in need of additional members. 


We have 4 Host Teams with 8-10 people on each team.  They are called on sporadically to help with setting up, serving and cleaning up for memorial services, pot lucks or other events.  Every team has a strong comradery and working together has developed solid connections between the members. 


Please contact Linda Harvey @ 250-751-1435 if you are interested in joining the fun!



The chaplain at the Nanaimo Correctional Centre has let us know that they could use good, used men’s clothes and also greeting cards of any kind.  The request is for jackets, jeans, shirts appropriate for young men, shoes, backpacks and duffel bags.  Donations may be placed in the bin located in the narthex until April 5th.


The flower chart is hanging on the kitchen door  Add your name to your chosen date and indicate if it is to commemorate a special occasion or is in remembrance of a loved one.

The Revised offering counter schedule has been posted on the downstairs bulletin board. Six more counters have graciously volunteered to count this year, but we still have opening dates listed in 2020 for Jan. 5, 12, & 26; Feb. 2, 16, 23, and June 7, 21, & 28. With 19 regular and spare counters, we should have plenty of volunteers available to accommodate the first half of 2020...but... I leave it in your hands! Please contact Fred Wilke.


weekdays from 9am - noon.

The following dates need volunteer staff coverage:

Wednesday relief needed until end of Sept.    

Regular Staff needed: Thursdays – 2nd, 3rd, 4th weeks each month.

Bulletin folder: 1 hour/week, Friday afternoon for Sept.  Contact Janice Valecourt at the church office if you can help.  250-758-1232; hope2174@shaw.ca



The flower chart is up on the kitchen door. If you have a Sunday where you would like to supply flowers please enter your name for the chosen day. If it is for a personal memorial, anniversary or blessing you can note that beside your name. Flowers from your garden are welcome.

If I can’t take it with me…then what?

Do you love the church and have an interest in leaving something for the work of the church?  The synod, assisted by CLWR is offering a wills and estates seminar to explain the benefits of providing faith based gifts.  Church council would like to gauge the interest by the congregation for such an event before accepting the invitation. For further details, see the article in the May edition of ‘The Messenger’ newsletter. Contact Witness and Mission Ctte Chair Joan Roszmann if you would attend this seminar.

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