Please consider being part of the Host Teams.  "Many hands make light work".  Volunteers are needed!  Enjoy the experience of working with great people!  Call Linda Harvey at 250-751-1435 for more information. 

Craft and Bake Sale  The Aldeek Sponsorship group would appreciate any contributions for a sale happening in the middle of November. Proceeds will go towards family reunification. Baked goods, homemade jams, jellies or pickles, crafts, pot holders, knitting, dishcloths or a vintage Christmas ornament would be appreciated. Sign up on clip board in narthex or talk to Judy Hyslop or Susan Collett.

The Altar Guild would like to use your food donations to Loaves and Fishes as part of our Thanksgiving decoration.  Therefore, we will be saving all the foodstuffs donated from now until Thanksgiving.  We will ensure all donations are turned over to Loaves and Fishes immediately after Thanksgiving, which will also be the end of their annual food drive.  Please consider bringing in some nonperishable foods such as canned meats, beans, fish, noodles, rice, soups, etc.  Just leave itmes in blue Food Bank bin, near the coat racks.   


to count the offering each week. Additional volunteers are needed for this job. It is not difficult, and with sufficient participants, rotation during the year would be reasonable. We are currently stretched to the limit for May & July and really need help. Joan Nolting is willing to train as required, and the rewards are many! Contact Fred Wilke at 250-954-0477, or email: fcwilke@shaw.ca  Thank you.


weekdays from 9am - noon.

The following dates need volunteer staff coverage:

Wednesday relief needed until end of Sept.    

Regular Staff needed: Thursdays – 2nd, 3rd, 4th weeks each month.

Bulletin folder: 1 hour/week, Friday afternoon for Sept.  Contact Janice Valecourt at the church office if you can help.  250-758-1232; hope2174@shaw.ca



The flower chart is up on the kitchen door. If you have a Sunday where you would like to supply flowers please enter your name for the chosen day. If it is for a personal memorial, anniversary or blessing you can note that beside your name. Flowers from your garden are welcome.

If I can’t take it with me…then what?

Do you love the church and have an interest in leaving something for the work of the church?  The synod, assisted by CLWR is offering a wills and estates seminar to explain the benefits of providing faith based gifts.  Church council would like to gauge the interest by the congregation for such an event before accepting the invitation. For further details, see the article in the May edition of ‘The Messenger’ newsletter. Contact Witness and Mission Ctte Chair Joan Roszmann if you would attend this seminar.

Hope Lutheran Church
2174 Departure Bay Rd.
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e-mail hope2174@shaw.ca

phone: 250-758-1232

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