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As the COVID 19 crisis continues the button below leads to a  PDF of a personal worship service you may wish to use.  It includes the prayers of the day, sermon and all the elements of the liturgical worship service. These are posted when made available. It is the same worship service being used on Zoom.  If you wish to join us go to the homepage for details.

Home Worship 2nd Sunday of Easter 

April 11, 2021

Terry's Weekly


April 7, 2021

For ease of use during the service might we suggest these steps to make a "split screen".

1/ Open the zoom from the e-mail you recieved.  It will take you directly to your zoom app and will          automatically open your zoom window and connect  you with the meeting.

2/ Press the PDF above and it bring up the service as a    pdf document. 

You can minimize each feature and "push" them to either side of your screen for simultaneous viewing.

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