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This devotion of this new series for Pentecost reflects the

 "Spirit of Restleness".

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one spiritual journey


you formed me in the image of your creativity

inflated my lungs with your love

made my ears turn to the human voice

my eyes focus on faces, my body respond to touch

you wrapped me in acceptance at my baptism


but as i grew, fear surrounded me and blurred my vision

shame blunted my senses and crippled my walk


i could not find you there leading me

walking beside me, pushing me from behind


instead of looking outward, trusting good

fully inhabiting my body, i moved into the

isolation of my mind, turned my back on possibility


fear became a swirling fog

and i could not find my way

its thick darkness the companion that left me lonely

frozen ground upon which i stumbled

fell, and curled my arms around myself

losing hope, caving in, giving up


you fed me with bits of bread and wine

word—words of love, of safety, of enough

though i could only hear

the inner voices saying otherwise


you waited while i wandered in my wilderness

frozen, unable to think, to move, to want

except in lightning flashes of relief, kind faces

and one strong hand holding on, saying

i will stay, i will not leave, will not give up on you


bits of bread dropped in the dark led me back

eaten on my knees, salted with my tears

seasoned by my own sweat until day

slowly dawned in that bright white

intensity holding all possible colours

black earth aromatic, warming in the sun

welcoming my bare feet into a sacred dance

imprinted in my very DNA, my heart knowing

that all shall be well, all shall be well indeed


                                        © Rebecca Garber

Christmas Day


Once upon a time in a land not so far away A town awaiting to celebrate Christmas day

They wait upon the Bethlehem shining star For all of the blessings that come from afar

With all presents wrapped under the tree Hoping love and peace may set them free

With all of the love an angel can bring Peace in their hearts means everything

Boughs of holly hang red and green Gaze upon the Holy nativity scene

In this town may an angel dawn his wings Listen as the Lutheran Church choir sings I

n this quaint little town not so far away They send their blessings on this Holy day

By Gary Edward Allen 2019

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