The following people have requested your prayer consideration: 

Put a new and trustful heart into all who cry to you for help, especially:

Eva Alvarez; Annie; Barb; Dale Bender; Mar j Bieber; Natalie Bowles;
Ron Cantelon; Haley; Jessica family; Mary family; Louise;
June H; Kira; Virginie Flacco; Lisa Fujikawa; Kevin H; Doug Hainsworth;
Dean Hyslop; James Hyslop family; Lisa; 
Carole Clyde Ortner; Renata; Lorne Schwartz; Marilyn Sedo; Sharon Charlie; Tania Strauss;

Jennie Wharton family; the
family of Paul Chell, Zack

Prayer list will be reset Monthly.  If you wish to be added to the prayer list please contact Pastor Terry or Intern Nic at

or call


Prayers of Intercession

As we move from hearing your word to being fed at your table, we pray for the life
of the church, the world, and people in need.

Send your church out into the multi cultural life society we share in Canada. Help
us to cross boundaries and welcome refugees with compassion and acts of peace
and neighbourliness.

God of wisdom, God of truth, Have mercy upon us.

Let us open our hearts to the gifts of creation, to the relaxation and pleasures of
summer sun and outdoor activities. May we honour your bounty and always act in
ways that preserve the world for coming generations.

God of wisdom, God of truth, Have mercy upon us.

Strengthen all voices crying out for freedom. Make us advocates for those who are
overlooked, oppressed, and abused. Use us as conduit s of what is good, what is
right, and what is true as we participate in Canada's democracy.

God of wisdom, God of truth, Have mercy upon us.

Call us to be good neighbours to those living around our homes and our church,
and in all the communities of servi ce in which we participate. Bless all the
voluntary social services that improve daily life food banks and community
kitchens, palliative care, and literacy programs.

God of wisdom, God of truth, Have mercy upon us.

Open our minds to the wisdom of varied spiritual traditions, and engage us in
dialogue with the people who practise them. We pray especially for our partner
Anglican Church of Canada and our own Bishop Greg We pray for the
congregations of our BC Synod: Hills of Peace Lutheran in Kamloops and Pastor
J ane Gingrich and our Global Mission Companion the Evangelical Lutheran
Church in Peru

God of wisdom, God of truth, Have mercy upon us.

Teach us to recognize the wholeness and healing that threads its way through the
brokenness of our lives. Mak e us pilgrims on our path with you, as we confront
anxiety and depression, and the illness and injury we experience personally and we
witness in others.

Godof wisdom, God of truth, Have mercy upon us.

Basking in your generosity, we turn our cares and our celebrations over to you. In
the name of the Christ,


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National Prayer for Canada 

R A B B I  D R . R E U V E N  P . B U L K A

& A R C H B I S H O P   T E R R E N C E   P R E N D E R G A S T

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Intercessory Prayer

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