The following people have requested your prayer consideration: 

Put a new and trustful heart into all who cry to you for help, especially:


 Pastor Terry and Mona, Hilliary A., Anne G., Donna K., Virginie F., Judy J., Carole and Clyde O., Barb O., Sharon and Charlie S., Janice V.,  Jordan, Zak, Ingar, Susan, and all their families.

Prayer list will be reset Monthly.  If you wish to be added to the prayer list please contact Pastor Terry

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Prayers of Intercession


In this season of watching and waiting, let us pray for all peoples and places that yearn for God’s presence.  


God of presence and peace, strengthen your church around the globe to proclaim the message of your love coming to the world.  Open our hearts to recognize your face in all people and in all creation.  

O King of Peace,  bring your Light near.  


God of might Cedars and microscopic plants, fields and city parks, the wind and the waves, be a healing balm to our wounded planet.  May we nurture what you have lovingly created.  

Oh King of Peace,  bring Your Light near.  


God of equity and compassion, bring righteousness and goodness to all peoples of the earth. Give a heart of discernment and integrity to leaders in our communities, our cities, regional districts, British Columbia and Canada.

O King of Peace,  Bring Your Light Near.  


God of comfort and car, be present with those who watch and wait.  Come to all who await births, deaths, divorces, new unions, new jobs, retirements,  and healing.   May your healing presence be with them, their families and caregivers.  

O King of Peace,  Bring Your Light near.  


God of promises kept and new dreams awakened, shelter your people from de-structive weather.  We pray for those whose lives have been upended by natural disasters, especially the farmers near Sumas, those caught in the mudslides on our roads, those effected by torrential rains.  We give thanks for all those helping their neighbours, for first responders, for the army who are working to mitigate the damage.  Bless all relief organizations helping people near and far, especially the work of Lutheran Disaster Response, Lutheran World Relief and Lutheran Services.  

Oh King of Peace,  Bring Your Light near.    

 God of companionship and community, we give you thanks for the saints who journeyed with us and now abide in you.  We pray for joy in the work, and sustenance for the journey for our partner The Anglican Church in Canada, and our new BC Synod council and Bishop, Kathy Martin.  


O Emmanuel, you come among us in the places we least expect.  Receive these prayers and those in our hearts in the name of Jesus. 



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National Prayer for Canada 
R A B B I  D R . R E U V E N  P . B U L K A

& A R C H B I S H O P   T E R R E N C E   P R E N D E R G A S T

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Intercessory Prayer

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