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Home Worship 

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Sunday Zoom Service

We hope to meeting in person later in March


Call the church office

250-758-1232 for the details to connect via Zoom

Worship and Reflection

While we are currently still not meeting in person. We are planning to meet when the current health threat is reduced and will include a zoom hybrid component.  Further information will be forthcoming.
Until then please continue to use the telephone, texts, email, FaceTime, Skype or whatever means you have to maintain a sense of community even though we are practicing social distancing. 

As the COVID 19 crisis continues, the button below leads to a PDF of a personal worship service you may wish to use.  It includes the prayers of the day, sermon and all the elements of the liturgical worship service. These are posted when made available which is usually on the Saturday before the worship service date. It is the same worship service being used on Zoom.  If you wish to join us go to the homepage for details.

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