What gifts do you have to offer?


What gifts of time and skill do you have to offer?  See us in ways you can be a blessing to this congregation, this community, this world.  See the council chairperson or our Pastor for opportunities to put service into action!


Our church is a liturgical worshiping community.  There is need for members to read, prepare, greet or provide flowers for our service.  Do you have the capacity to help us?  See one of the council members, the Pastor or Intern.


This congregation and facility rely on the financial support of its members and friends.  Consider your financial support for allowing the work of this congregation to be sustained.  Consider giving  on an automatic withdrawal from your bank to allow for a predictable budget to pay our  bills throughout the year.

Stewardship is about participation because participation means giving of oneself  You are invited to participate in any way that feels right for you. Here are some possibilities within our church operation:


Methods of Financial Support to Keep Our Facility and Ministry Vibrant.


Currently, there are numerous ways for you to give and help us to maintain our church. A few options are outlined below:


1.    Mail envelopes with your donation (preferably by cheque) to the church


As long as Canada Post is running, you can mail envelopes directly to the church office.
Mailing address:  

Hope Lutheran Church

2174 Departure Bay Road

Nanaimo, BC

V9S 3V6


2.    Drop envelopes with your donation (preferably by cheque) off at church


Envelopes can be placed through the normal mail slot at the front door of the church. These will be gathered regularly and your donation will be accounted for in the usual way. You will receive your charitable tax credit for all donations.


If you are mailing or delivering a cheque you might want to think about enclosing a series of post-dated cheques. We expect the current restrictions will last at least three to four months.


3.    Sign up for Pre-Authorized Withdrawal (PAR)

A fillable PDF form is attached to this letter. You can fill the form on your computer and mail your signed application together with a void cheque to:

Hope Lutheran Church

2174 Departure Bay Road

Nanaimo, BC

V9S 3V6


Or you can scan the signed form together with both sides of your void cheque and email them to me, Hope Lutheran’s Treasurer, Gerry Owen at  I will ensure that your PAR form gets to the administrator right away. You will receive a charitable donation receipt for your full donation.


The PAR Fillable PDF Forms are on the buttons below: 




4.    Interac e-Transfer using online banking

a.    If you use online banking, log into your account

b.    Add Hope Lutheran Church as a recipient using our email address:

c.     Enter the desired amount and click send.

d.    You will be asked to set a security question and specify an answer. Please then email our Treasurer at to let him know the specified answer. He will then process the e-Transfer.


Again, you will receive a full charitable donation receipt for this donation. The following link provides further instructions on Interac e-Transfers:



If you need assistance with any of these options or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact Gerry Owen.

Host Teams


We are in need of additional members.  We have 4 Host Teams with 8-10 people on each team.  They are called on sporadically to help with setting up, serving and cleaning up for memorial services, pot lucks or other events.  Every team has a strong comradery and working together has developed solid connections between the members. 

Please contact Linda Harvey @ 250-751-1435 if you are interested in joining the fun!

Expense Form

Use the form below if you have made a purchase for an authorized expense.  Submit that form to the church office with a copy of your receipt.