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Weekly Prayers of and for the Community and World

The following people have requested your prayer consideration:

Ana B; Carolyn B; Rebecca C; Robert & Carol D; Gary G; Ahmad H; Gary L; Charlotte M; Colleen M; Mary M. D; Carole O; Paula O; John & Marily; Lorraine & Al; Kristi; Miriam.

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Weekly Prayers of the People

We come before the triune God to pray for our communities, ourselves, and our world. 


Nourish your faithful people through gifts of word and worship. Guide the church in listening to and interpreting your message of grace for this time and  place in history. In your wisdom, lead us in expanding the reach of your love. We pray the BC Synod gathering in Convention next week; for our Bishop Kathy Martin; for Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran in Comox & Pastor Carol Dennison; and for our Seminaries in Saskatoon and Waterloo and for all faculty, staff and seminary students.

Merciful God, receive our prayer.


Nature sings your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night. Sustain the holy rhythms of creation: days and seasons, hibernation and activity, phases of the moon and tides of the sea. Let these patterns assure us of your constancy.

Merciful God, receive our prayer.


You raise the lowly and humble those in high regard. Raise up all who are victims of marginalization, discrimination, and hate. Banish white supremacy and bigotry from the hearts of your people and remove the inclination toward anger and violence.

Merciful God, receive our prayer.


Tend to all who journey by faith and who wait with patience for the fulfillment of your healing promises. Grant perseverance to people doing physical and occupational therapy, people living with mobility concerns, and people facing chronic pain.

Merciful God, receive our prayer.


We pray for all refugees seeking safety and peace. Give us compassion to support these brothers and sisters who are: unaccompanied minors crossing borders; caught in war and held captive in the fighting; facing hatred and intolerance; fleeing for their lives with many dying to reach safety; not always having a say in which country they will be resettled; waiting and waiting for the bureaucratic process to be completed; here at the end of a long journey and starting new lives; viewed with suspicion; and, who are strangers in strange lands. Move us to follow your commands, Lord God, and welcome the stranger, care for those who have come with nothing but the clothes on their backs and heartaches and memories, and be neighbour to all your children.

Merciful God, receive our prayer. 


As you have loved us, so let us love one another. Empower fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, adoptive fathers, and chosen fathers to embody this gift of love for their children. Where these relationships are strained or broken, bring your comfort and peace. Merciful God, receive our prayer.


With gratitude, we remember the saints who are now at home with you. Plant seeds of their wisdom and witness in our hearts, that we grow in faith until we join them in your heavenly dwelling.

Merciful God, receive our prayer.


Receive our prayers, O God, and come quickly to our aid, through the power of the Spirit and the love of Jesus Christ.


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