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Weekly Prayers of and for the Community and World

The following people have requested your prayer consideration

Put a new and trustful heart into all who cry to you for help, especially:

Dan A; Hillary A; Lyanne B; Ron & Edna B; June C; Kent C; Ron C;  Anne G; Gary G; ; Hallowyn H; Holly H; Arlene K; Baby K; Donna K; Gloria L; Gail M; Carole & Clyde O; Eva R; Maureen R; Audrey S; Sharon & Charlie S; Janice V; Jack Z; Barbara & Al; Dillon & Trinity; Ingvar; Jordan; Kira;  Kon Tet Chin; Noel; Quinn; Susan; Zak… and their families.


Prayer list will be reset Monthly.  If you wish to be added to the prayer list please contact Pastor Terry

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Weekly Prayers of the People

Rejoicing in the good news of God who has chosen to come near, let us pray for the church, those in need, and all of God’s Creation. 


Let us pray for the church around the world that in every place it may live out the gospel of forgiveness and faithful service.

God, in your great compassion,  HEAR OUR PRAYER


Holy God, source of power and might – you are full of tender mercy.  Empower your church with that compassion and strength to live for others.  Sustain and encourage our Bishops Susan, Kathy, Larry, Sid, Jason,  & Michael.  We pray for our partner Anglican Church of Canada—its priests, leaders and mission. We pray for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Coquitlam and Pastor Eric Krushel; and Trinity Lutheran in Delta and Pastor Jennifer Wilson.  God, in your great compassion, HEAR OUR PRAYER


Let us pray for those who suffer, that the sick may know God’s healing, the tormented may know God’s peace and the discouraged may know God’s strength. We pray for those in places and situations that never receive headlines. God, in your great compassion, HEAR OUR PRAYER God the Creator of all and friend of the dispossessed, we remember our Aboriginal brothers and sisters and those who are refugees from other lands.  Help us to continue to create bonds and bridges with all your people.

God, in your great compassion, HEAR OUR PRAYER


Lus pray for the people of the earth, that where there is oppression and suffering, your Spirit would raise up leaders and servants with courage and skill so that all will know healing, security and hope.

God, in your great compassion, HEAR OUR PRAYER


Gracious God, you are our peace. We pray for peace between Russia and Ukraine. We pray for the people of Ukraine – those who are forced to flee, those who are trapped and unable to flee, those who are in need of aid, those who have died. We pray for Ukrainian and Russian soldiers, that they may be moved to lay down their weapons. We pray for world leaders, that they would be led into your ways of peace and justice. We pray for our whole world who watches and worries. God have mercy!

God, in your great compassion, HEAR OUR PRAYER.


Let us pray for our home–this earth–beautiful beyond words and yet everywhere threatened with neglect. We pray for the renewed health of this home we call the earth.  Make us good stewards of its treasures and healers of its wounds.

God, in your great compassion, HEAR OUR PRAYER


Let us give thanks to God for all the saints past and present, whose lives have enriched us and who have proclaimed God’s faithfulness even beyond the grave.

God, in your great compassion, HEAR OUR PRAYER.


Into your hands, O God of compassion, we commend all for whom we pray trusting in your great mercy; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.