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Weekly Prayers of and for the Community and World

The following people have requested your prayer consideration:

Bill & Donna; Viola B; Gail L; Audrey S; Katie Rose; Leni W; Zak; Michaela E; Lynn; Anne G; Gary G; Rosie G; Kathleen H; Jean J; Charlotte M; Garth N; Janet O; Paddy O; Carole & Clyde O; Jack R; Jim & Linda S; Greg V; Adele; Bernie & Erna; Bill & Donna; Dan; Doris; Ewen; Eva; Heidi; Ingvar; Kon Tet Chin; Lil & Cal; Louise; Margaret & Michelle; Ray, Frances & Toby; Roberta; Quinn; Susie; Tanu; Wally & Leslie; and their families

Prayer list will be reset Monthly.  If you wish to be added to the prayer list please contact Pastor Terry

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Prayer Request

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Weekly Prayers of the People

Remembering the caring and generous works of God, we pray for the church, creation, and the needs of our neighbors.


We put our trust in you as we pray for the church.  Give bishops, pastors, deacons, and teachers the gifts of wisdom and discernment. Be with them in bold truth and faithful witness. We pray especially for Bishop Kathy Martin; for Spirit of Life Lutheran in Vancouver & Pastor Aneeta Saroop; and North Thompson Ecumenical Shared Ministry in Barriere and Clearwater & Pastor Bruce Chalmers.

Merciful God, receive our prayer.    


We remember the many, many indigenous children who did not return from residential school. Grant comfort in the midst of grief and trauma. Renew our commitment to the journey of truth-telling, mourning and responsibility, and guide us in the ways of healing and love.

Merciful God, receive our prayer.  


Lead us in your truth as we pray for creation. Empower us to look to the interests of others as we make choices that impact the environment. Summon us to be advocates for healthy waterways habitats, and air.

Merciful God, receive our prayer.


Lead us in justice as we pray for those in government, the military, and other positions of authority. Give them humble and willing hearts, looking to the needs of others. We pray also for our enemies.

Merciful God, receive our prayer.


Trusting your goodness, we pray for all caregivers and people who are sick or suffering in any way,  Give them encouragement and consolation in your presence.

Merciful God, receive our prayer.


Teach us your paths as we pray for this congregation. Be at work in us and unite us in your love as we labor together for the sake of the gospel.

Merciful God, receive our prayer.


We give thanks for all the saints who died secure in the knowledge of salvation. Keep us fearless in our faith and certain of your resurrection.

Merciful God, receive our prayer.

Remember us according to our steadfast love as we offer these and the prayers of our heart, trusting in your compassion made known through Jesus Christ.


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