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Weekly Prayers of and for the Community and World

The following people have requested your prayer consideration

We pray for the homeless and those we name aloud or in the silence of our hearts.


Alyx M; Betty B; Ken B; Dave C; Cheryl & baby; Dunsmore family; Michaela E; Anne G; Gary G; Rosie G; Kathleen H; Stephen H; Jean J; Gail L & family; Garth N; Katie Rose & Magnus family; Ruth N; Carole & Clyde O; Jack R; Audrey S; Karl S & family; Lorne S; Dan; Doris; Heidi; Ingvar; Lil & Cal; Louise; Maya; Quinn; Zak & family.


Prayer list will be reset Monthly.  If you wish to be added to the prayer list please contact Pastor Terry

or call


Prayer Request

Contact Pastor Terry for prayer request

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Weekly Prayers of the People

Sustained by God’s abundant mercy, let us pray for the church, the world, and all of creation.


You have breathed into us the breath of life. Enliven your church Deepen our partnerships with the Anglican Church of Canada and other companion churches and their missionaries around the globe. We also pray for Living Faith Lutheran in Sechelt and Pastor Richard Hergesheimer; and Lord of Life Mission in Sandspit and Pastor Jim Whaley.

Merciful God, receive our prayer.


Your spirit brings life to creation. Enliven the natural world and restore ecosystems in need of healing. Uplift prophetic voices that turn us to the needs of the soil beneath our feet and the air all around.

Merciful God, receive our prayer.


You redeem the world and its peoples. Free us from systems of oppression. Unbind nations and societies from the sins of racism, sexism, and homophobia. Raise up leasers at all levels of government who work to promote the dignity of every human life.

Merciful God, receive our prayer.


You weep when we weep. Be present with those who grieve or who are troubled by illness,  You hear us when we call to you. Deliver us from the depths of our despair, and free us from the worries that bind us.

Merciful God, receive our prayer.


Your Spirit of life dwells in our assembly. Bless the music ministries of this congregation, our musicians, and all who lead us in hymns of praise and thanksgiving and in songs of lament and prayer.

Merciful God, receive our prayer. 


You are the resurrection and the life. Even though we die, we will live. With thanksgiving, we remember al your saints who now live in your eternal love.

Merciful God, receive our prayer.


We lift our prayers to you, O God, trusting in your steadfast love and your promise to renew your whole creation; through Jesus Christ our Savior.



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