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Being God's hands in the world 

Canadian Mental Health Association

Warm Clothing needed.


CMHA says that gently used winter coats and jackets of all sizes are definitely needed right now.>

They are in need of clothing for winter size, medium to 4X plus sizes, gently used shoes and boots, and warm socks and gloves. 

Donations can be left in the bin at the Church Narthex.  

If you are not a member of the congregation there is usually someone in the church office from 9:00 to noon, Monday to Friday.

Donations can also be dropped off at any of their three locations:

  • 126 Haliburton St, Nanaimo

  •  437 Wesley St, Nanaimo,

  • 1045 Terminal Avenue North

They can be located on your browser of choice.




Canadian Lutheran World Relief

Appeal for Counselling and Skill Training for Palabek Refugee Settlement

in Uganda

Today I'm writing to you on behalf of a special group of women. Women who are often overshadowed by more popular headlines like inflation, global hunger crises and the war in Ukraine. But that doesn’t make their needs any less urgent.


Would you consider reaching out in kindness to women and girls who have fled violent conflict in South Sudan?

Many have settled in Palabek Refugee Settlement in Northern Uganda. But they're traumatized by what they’ve seen and what’s been done to them. Their futures—and the futures of their children—are uncertain. These women have a long road ahead of them. Your love can meet them on the way.


For just $29.14, you can help provide counselling and skills training for TEN refugee women and girls in Uganda.


The counselling will help them to recover from years of violence and emotional trauma, and the skills training will help them take back their lives, earn an income and become independent. You’re probably wondering how just $29.14 can provide all this for so many women.


The Government of Canada recognizes the importance of this project and has given us $2.4 million in funding. Thanks to their generosity, we’re only $50,000 away from the total amount needed to provide these critical services to refugee women and girls. Help us get this critical project over the finish line? Remember: your gift of just $29.14 can help make counselling and skills training available for TEN women or girls recovering from violence and emotional trauma.


This group of women is dear to me for many reasons. As a parent, my heart aches for any mother that has to fight daily to give her children a chance at a better future. And as a woman, I am in awe of their strength and resilience in the face of some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable.


Will you put your faith in action today and help provide counselling and skills training for women and girls at a CLWR Safe Space in Northern Uganda?


If you’re able to help, and decide to make a gift today, we’ll ensure that your generosity gives a survivor the support and community she's been praying for. Visit to make your gift and to read more about this project, call our office at 1-800-661-2597 (Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm CDT), or mail a cheque to 600-177 Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0W5.


That being said, now  may not be a good time for you to give. There have been so many emergencies that required our compassion this year. Instead, will you join me in praying for women and girls who’ve been forced to flee the only home they’ve ever known and who are starting over in a new country?


It's amazing what our CLWR community can do when we come together. Thank you for being such a vital part of it.

Go to

For details about how to help

Altar flowers 

Do you have a birthday, or an anniversary coming up?  Perhaps you would like to provide flowers for the altar to commemorate the occasion.  You can provide the flowers or provide money for purchase of the flowers for a particular Sunday.  You can arrange the flowers yourself, or someone can do that for you.  You can decide where the flowers go after church – your home, or donate them to a particular person or place.   Just sign up on the new flower chart, which can be found on the door to the kitchen.  If you wish to leave money for someone to purchase the flowers, you can leave the funds in an envelope in the church office.

Island Crisis Care Society 


 This is a registered non-profit society in Nanaimo that helps people in crisis stabilize and find the support and resources they need.  Donations accepted through their website.


Wondering what to do with your used stamps? The Canadian Bible Society collects donations of used stamps in a program called Stamps for Freedom! Here’s how it works: stamps collected from donations across Canada are combined to create charity boxes and are sold to stamp collectors and vendors. The revenue generated from the stamps allows CBS to purchase Bibles for the Canadian prison ministry.  10 lbs of stamps= approximately 6 Bibles for distribution St Paul’s Lutheran here in Nanaimo is coordinating this collection.  A container has been placed in our narthex for your used stamps.  Please keep the stamp on the envelope, cut out the stamp 8 leaving a 1/4 inch border around the entire stamp and place in the container.  The Witness and Mission committee will pass them on to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Also accepted are personal collections that are already in books, binders, etc


Drop off used men’s winter clothing in the narthex or call for a pick up: 250-753-9483 These clothes will be given to the Nanaimo Correctional Centre for those being released from incarceration..  The chaplain also accepts greeting cards of all kinds to be used by prisoners..


There is a family of 14 Ukrainian refugees now living in one house in Nanaimo. Rent is $3000 per month.  Groceries for 14 people are expensive too.  There are dental and medical bills.  While the families move towards self-sufficiency, the following would be appreciated:  Cash donations, grocery cards, gas cards.

They are willing to do yard or house cleaning work. If you have need of these services, please contact the pastor or church office.  If you wish to donate through your offering envelope, the designation is "Local programs to support Ukrainian refugees”. 


Supporting students at schools of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land.
As schools around the world are now into the second half of the 2020-21 academic year in very challenging circumstances, so too are the students at schools of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land (ELCJHL).
Earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic, the schools dealt with closures and lock down periods by embracing digital technology and distance learning. Sadly, the continued lock downs have impacted families served by the schools in many different ways. COVID-19 restrictions have meant further barricade closures and a significant loss of tourism for the region resulting in job loss and substantial reduction in income to household.
Many families are now facing significant difficulties with paying tuition for the 2020-21 school year, which is on average $1,600/year per student. 


Every Summer Nanaimo Loaves and Fishes runs low on can goods.  You can help!  See the information about the Food 4 Summer ‘food’ raiser below through the link to their website..  You can bring your bags of food to church and we will ensure they are delivered to Loaves and Fishes to be a part of this summer event.   (Actually, food donated anytime can be brought to the Fry Street Warehouse.)  


We are providing an average of 138,343 pounds of food per month to households and 21,581 pounds per 8 month to other non-profits across the island. As always, the food that is unfit for humans is being given to farmers. Ultimately, throughout the pandemic, our overall goal remains the same. There should be an abundance of food available to all and no unnecessary food waste.
It is because of the help we receive from our community and caring people such as you all at Hope Lutheran Church that Loaves & Fishes Food Bank is not only still here, but growing our food distribution with the intention that all of Vancouver Island has access to reliable healthy food moving forward.

To donate through your offering, please mark Loaves and Fishes on the envelope.


Click here to go to the Link page for their website.

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