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Covid Protocols for
In Person Worship

Our congregation has elderly and therefore more vulnerable members.  With this in mind the COVID-19 Advisory Committee has recommended these protocols when we are back 

to onsite/hybrid worship::


  • Attendees must use a mask and be in a healthy state when enetering.

  • Attendees are requested ti notify us of their intent to attend and that we establish an email
    protocol for this purpose so that we can plan the worship area based on
    anticipated numbers

  • A zoom component is available.  Contact the church office by phone to be advised of the password..

  • As in the past please refrain from strong scents.

Proof of Vaccination

  • Because we are a congregation that is particularly vulnerable the church council has a strong preference that attendants be vaccinated..  

  • A sign in process is established to ensure that all attendees are fully vaccinated of at least two doses

Air Quality Control

  • Doors and windows be opened before and after service during cool weather and be kept open during the service during warmer weather.

  • The exhaust fan will be activated while windows and doors are opened before and after services.

  • Portable air filters with either MERV 13 or better will be used.. The Property committee could look into obtaining corsi-rosenthal cubes for this purpose.

  • We may open before these are in place, and we should remain flexible about using the filter fans during services keeping noise interference in mind.

Worship / 
Communing Practice

  • There will be no common cup and only wafers for Communion to start with – subject to review
    as infection rates change.

  • There is no common coffee or snacks to start, subject to review as infection rates

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